AURORA  / mini vibration motors, holographic film, metal wire, dico ball lights / 2020


  Starak Family Foundation, Spectra Art Space, Project _SOON, Warsaw, Poland,18 Sep – 9 Oct 2020, curator: Anna Muszyńska, coordinator: Kama Kieremkampt, photo: Grzegorz Demczuk, more info

   The northern lights are a light phenomenon observable in the upper atmosphere near the planet’s magnetic poles. The sun constantly emits a stream of charged particles called the solar wind, which as it enters the Earth’s ionosphere undergoes reactions that result in shifting colored flares that can be observed in the night sky.

   The Aurora installation fits into the space of the SOON_ project, which is located in a glazed building exposed to solar exposure. Sensitive to weather conditions, it reveals its full potential only on a sunny day. The installation is made of wires on which vibratory motors are suspended, moving with colored foils. Rotating surfaces emit a slight noise, and the sunlight falling on them reflects multicolored reflections, creating light phenomena that project the entire space around. Each object moves at a slightly different speed, and the rotating elements differ in texture, color and the ability to reflect light. The installation changes during the day with the degree of cloud cover and the sun’s wandering across the sky. When sunlight does not fall on objects, they are illuminated by directional rays of LED light that artificially generate the Aurora. The installation then becomes a trash-like collection of laboratory experiments left on its own, moved as if by the wind.

   part of the exhibition '499 seconds' in Art Walk Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 8 Dec 2022 – 30 Apr 2023, more info