COMPOSITION ONE / metal flat bars, glitter dust, mini motor, lenticular postcards, paper tears, plastic wire, glass paint / 320x320x400cm / 2022


  Time out of Joint, Museum of Art in Łódź, Poland, 3 Jun - 18 Sep 2022, curator: Katarzyna Słoboda, photo: Anna Zagrodzka; HaWa more info / video

   The kinetic object, occupying the entire space of the room, can be viewed either by walking around it or sitting on the ground. The installation consists of three circles - the largest, where the objects’ journey is the longest, the second in the center, where the gravity center is located, and the most ephemeral, formed from glitter dust during movement. The drawing in the back of the installation is a blue sky drawn with glitter pencil on 70 sheets of notebook paper taped together.