Home on a windy night / Portrait Studio Gallery / Łódź, PL / 13.11-10.12.2021





   The gallery space is a two-room apartment from the early 20th century. In one of the rooms I project a video of a semi-absurd dream. The projection takes up the entire wall, looking through the windows from outside it seems to be a passage to another dimension. The video is accompanied by a mix of songs from the 90s processed in post-production. The climax of the video is a progressively louder fragment of the song All by myself combined with a randomly edited image of a girl galloping on a horse. The girl's dress flashes changing colors, the lights in the room blink reacting to the high notes in the song throwing sparkles to illuminate the room and towards the end the lamps begin to move with the spinning dress. After 9 minutes, the song quiets down, the video and lamps turn off, the room lights up.


   The colour of the nebula lived in seclusion on the northern hill. One day, as he was preparing his lunch, he saw a great luminous jewel perfectly clear and circling, like a huge mirror that in its centre reflected mountains, rivers and all the great earth. Doubt disappeared, everything became clear. When the moment was over, he noticed that, the contents of his pot were covered with a blanket of dust. Colour and song are like a fragrance or a memory. A house in which the sun winds are blowing and a song can be heard everyday.



Agata Krześlak

Mateusz Czuchnowski

Natalia Jastrzębska

Marcin Kuszmar

Piotrek Bronisz

Maciej Ślot


Video: https://vimeo.com/671059214


sound: https://soundcloud.com/marta-krze-lak/home-on-a-windy-night1

video documentation: https://www.instagram.com/p/CXwW1jzIr5s/


The task "A series of exhibitions in the Portrait Studio Gallery at Księży Młyn" is realised thanks to a subsidy from the City of Łódź.