COMPOSITION TWO / chandelier, ribbons, leather belts, metal chains, plastic flowers, dry flowers, small motors, lenticular postcards, opalescent tape / 500x500x300cm / 2022


  International Studio and Curatorial Program, New York City, USA, 1 Jul - 31 Aug 2022, supported by Visegrad Fund resident website



   I place a found chandelier as the central point of my residency studio. The installation of delicate, lightweight objects seems to burst into space. Ribbons from the centre reach into each side of the room gently touching the walls with holographic tape. With one sweep of my arm I could blow it all down. The installation corresponds with the baroque and eclectic, highly detailed view from my residency window to industrial Brooklyn. Entering the installation requires an elaborate choreography of movements. Among the ribbons, I placed several mobiles that move objects at different speeds.