Lets meet in Chicago (Spotkajmy się w Szikago)

/ art colective: Everybody loves somebody (Marta Krześlak, Aleksandra Sarna, Małgorzata Pawlak, Kornel Kowalski) / Lodz, PL / 06/2018





Piotrkowska 80 - a typical courtyard in a typical tenement house.


There would be nothing to talk about, if not for its tiny fragment, which is completely unbelievably and quite absurdly erupted between dirt and concrete.


The garden, which is a riot of colors, textures, sincerity and emotions, sneaks under the eyelids, with its goodness and singularity, the heart muscle.


It is a paradise that cannot be lost, even when bulldozers tear up the soil.


This is the land they usually only promise, and here it grows in all its splendor, swells. We came there by accident, came back to check if he was alive.


Not only did it not disappear during it, it became a contribution to conversations and stories that we would not have better created.





Work realised during workshops organized by the Museum of Art in Lodz and the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts.

project curators: Joanna Rajkowska, Aleksandra Jach, Łukasz Ogórek

about: https://msl.org.pl/witamy-w-krainie-piekna-i-prawdy/