Meet Factory residency / Prague, CZ / 27/11 – 18/11/2019





An ambient landscape made of the collection of metal objects which I found on the scrap yard. Each of the objects has its own character and ability, its own conditions and different scale. Some of them are in the hurricane, some are just sending the light in to the space. From the objects that I can find I construct a story, hard to say if very nostalgic and apocalyptic or playful and vivid. Mini stardust maker made of glitter or high palm tree that finally crushes the ground, made of all the metal sticks I could find, satellite that is ready to catch all the desires, made of rainbow gift paper, night lamp that became the space ship. It is a cosmos of found objects and found sounds.

I use small motors and accumulators to make an installation working – spinning, trembling, blinking, falling.

It is important for me that the viewer will be walking around those object and be able to observe the phenomena that are happening with them. Some ofcourse would be visible on the first sight, but some will be there to be found after some time spend in the space. Like in the real environmental situation.


video documentation:


Installation produced during artistic residency in Meet Factory, Prague.

The residency was supported with founds from I-Portunus Goethe-Institut cultural grant.