KOOSHK RESIDENCY / 6 photographs, video / 2018


  Kooshk Residency, Teheran, Iran, Dec 2018, exchange residency realised in cooperation with Tadeusz Kantor Foundation, funded by Ambassy of Poland in Teheran, more info

   Fairy tale with sparkling air, at such a different place, that I can belive in every story.

   I was looking for this fallen star from the very first day. Desert sunset made me stop breathing and dancing with nomad girls made me loose my mind. Going through the colorful mountains he told me to beware of the wolfs after dusk. Small seeshels which I didnt want to take with me from near Ahar hills. Thick fog was coming up and down when I was rolling down the slope and following the horison line when I woke up on the yard which ground sun never touches. Tears could go down my face but playgrounds would still everywhere be the same. And the wind goes up with the kite not letting it fell even when I dont move.

Maybe in three weeks later I am still not home.