I RUN THROUGH THE VERNISSAGE / performance / every 7min for 15 sec / 2018


  as part of exhibition 'do it', Łódź, Poland, 4 Oct 2018, curators: Jacek Laube, Karolina Balke, exhibition realised as a cooperation of students of Strzeminski Academy of Art in Lodz and Lodz Film School / video documentation / more info

  Dressed in a blue second-hand dress, I run through the vernissage. The exhibition is 1500m2 of post-industrial space on the second floor of an old textile factory. As I run, the polyester dress makes a loud noise, which lets the viewer hear the noise of my outfit before locating me in the space.

   The performance is an interpretation of Hu Fang’s instruction Doing nothing is doing everything. The title is Pretty nothing, which can also mean - seemingly nothing, almost nothing.