Ruins of my dreams / 06/2018 / Lodz

Ruins of my dreams / 11/2018 / Szczecin / Akademia Sztuki / Młode Wilki visual arts Festival 18

Ruins of my dreams / 04/2019 / Lublin / Galeria Labirynt / solo show

Ruins of my dreams / diploma work (master graduation) / Lodz, PL / 29/06/2018





I am fascinated about waste objects left in the landscape. The inflated bouncy castle that I found is my waria- tion about plastic mountains which take the shape refering to the visitors that walk around. In the castle I sing songs from my memory, songs about hope , love and faith.






documentation of the graduation presentation:

documentation of the presentation in Szczecin (Grand Prix on Młode Wilki visual arts Festival 18):

documentation of solo show in Lublin: