Solarium / performance and instalation/ Blask Brzesk Festival / Lodz, PL /  10/06/2017





Before entering the place I give guest the glasses which protects against UVA and UVB light. Dark cold hall leads to a small room in which a solar lamp is placed. Hawaiian music, comfortable loungers and birch branch with intensive smell encourage to the relaxation. Myself dressed like a Hawaiian hostess appeal to put on the special sunglasses in completely dark hall and afterwards I open the door and

llight up the basement. Blinding solar lamp appeals for spactators to be the source of pleasure, as the light in googleis really downcast and the lamp increase tempreture in the room.  Solar show lasts 2 minutes and there are only 3 recipents at once.


Work realised and presented as a part of Blask/Brzask Contemporary  Art Festival

video documentation: